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WebPercent Professional

Head Blue PercentOur free assessment measures your digital skills across 14 topics including Internet terms, social media and mobile technology. It's the ideal Digital IQ test for professionals wanting to stay on top of the latest digital technologies.

WebPercent Small Business

Head Red PercentThe free small business Digital IQ assessment covers 4 areas related to online marketing and your web presence. It's ideal for microbusinesses with limited budget looking to learn the basics in establishing a better web presence.

WebPercent EDU

Head Green PercentThe free digital assessment for schools is designed for students in middle school (grades 6-8). This digital IQ assessment is great for teachers to test students on the basics of digital citizenship.

Why WebPercent?
We believe learning to use the Web and other digital technology is important as reading and math. If you're a business, a digital strategy is even more paramount as more consumers go online. Our mission is to first measure then help people improve these digital skills to reach their goals of tomorrow. Read our Daily DigiLit Newspaper or visit our Blog.

Why Should We Care About Digital Literacy?
There are many practical reasons for why everyone regardless of age or occupation needs to keep their digital skills current. What you learned 10 years ago is now obsolete. This doesn't mean you have to buy every latest gadget that comes out, but it does mean you need to stay informed and at least pay attention to what is changing in the world around you. Infographic on Top 10 Benefits of Digital Skills (2MB).

What Are The Best Resources on Digital Literacy?
The world wide web has billions of pages of content. The typical Bing or Google user doesn't get through the first few pages of search results before doing another search or giving up. Use our Custom Search Engine to get only top quality sites related to digital skills.