Improving Digital Literacy for Professionals, Businesses, and Students

About the Online Marketing & Communications Quiz


This Online Marketing & Communications section covers the core areas of establishing a virtual presence and telling customers and potential customers about it. Questions in this section cover your web site, use of social media to drive traffic and other online communication tactics such as email, blogs and digital advertising.

Why Online Marketing & Communications Are Important

Most small business owners know either through research or experience that the only way to get through the first critical years of a business is to spend a lot of money on marketing, assuming you have a decent product or service – it doesn’t have to be good; just decent. But if you have the cure for cancer and don’t market it effectively, potentially the greatest find to man would die before anyone even knew it existed. There is so much competition now and so many eyeballs fixed to tiny glass screens that the only way to get attention for a growing business is to follow those eyeballs. This means understanding digital marketing. While it may not make sense for every business to buy a banner ad on, every business – down to the massage therapist that works out of her home, should have a web site. It is just a faster way to communicate what you do and allows people to learn more about your product/services when they are ready to engage/listen.

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