Improving Digital Literacy for Professionals, Businesses, and Students

About Us

The Founder
WebPercent was founded by Brian Wright, who has over 20 years experience in web design and development. He is a serial web entrepreneur having created numerous sites over the past 10 years. His businesses have been mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine, on local news stations, and in the Houston Business Journal. His professional work experience crosses a number of industries which has allowed him to work and play on the East, West and Gulf Coasts. Brian brings a unique perspective to everything he does. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, he is passionate about building tools and services that deliver exceptional value to customers. When Brian is not dreaming about the next great company he truly enjoys the company that matters most, his wife and son.

The Digital Divide
When most people think about the digital divide, their minds often go to people in third world countries that don’t have access to computers or Internet service. While crossing this chasm is critically important, there are already a number of organizations like One Laptop Per Child working to solve this dilemna. What WebPercent aims to do is cross another chasm that is equally important – creating higher learning for digital literacy. In countries where the standard of living allows some families to own multiple computers, too many people are missing the full potential of what the Web and consumer technology now offers. Digital Literacy is more than just posting personal updates on a social network. Digital literacy encompasses not just knowledge and access to technology, but utilization as well. WebPercent assesses all three of these areas: knowledge, access, and utilization through our online test. Digital knowledge is the new power and it is our vision to boost the digital knowledge of people online so that they may lead more fulfilling lives offline – a mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is a nice shiny brand new computer. By revealing the gaps in people’s digitial knowledge and offering a means to close those gaps, we move closer towards our vision.

Partner With Us
If you are an educator, library, or company that offers digital services to individuals, businesses or students, we want to hear from you. Learning is a lifetime journey and we are constantly exploring ways to get our assessments in front of more people while helping organizations that believe in the power of digital literacy.