Improving Digital Literacy for Professionals, Businesses, and Students

Test Your Knowledge

WebPercent is a compendium of digital knowledge consisting of over 800 questions that is growing every day. These questions are tailored to different audiences and cover a wide range of topics including computer basics, people, devices, social media, privacy, security, ecommerce, mobile, online marketing, and home technology.

Initially launched in 2013, the entire set of questions are being updated and re-launched in 2015. In the new version of WebPercent, all assessments include a score (i.e. a Web Percent) at the end of the quiz along with a list of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

WebPercent is technically an assessment and not a quiz, because certain questions do not have a simple right or wrong answer. Some questions have multiple answers with varying points, while other questions ask you about your usage of technology.
As with most assessments, the higher your score on a scale of 0-100%, the more digital savvy you are.

Getting started is easy and completely free. All assessments will be available in the top menu of the website as they get launched. We currently have one general assessment available for individuals to take (Digital Literacy Basics) which can provide a good overview of your digital literacy.

Please visit our site often as updated quizzes are launched.